I need help writing rebuttal letter for a title change
Edit this and add some text if possible, its an email don’t wat it to be too lengthy, maybe another 60 – 80 words:
As always I want to thank you for your time today, you are very dedicated and I commend you for this. The feedback from my team was overall great and I’ve noticed that over the years it remains consistent of course with some room for improvement.
Looking back almost 12 years this coming October I recall starting with just a pen, pad, desktop and phone- with no onboarding procedures in place, I learned and grown with the firm over the years and acquired many hats along the way. I’ve become a familiar face but also reliable to many out of town officers visiting our NY Office and can say I’m a go to Admin! ( not to just our internal staff but to long standing clients ) I have also trained more than a handful of Administrative staff along the way, some have gone and some still remain. With years of experience, dedication and contribution comes an increase in task responsibility and knowledge. I have worked hard endless hours to assure projects, task and regular administrative duties are completed in time and although certain weekly task can’t always be on-time they are never left undone. I would like Management to reconsider my title change this year …….