I would like you to write a brief essay utilizing the information you gather
from the book: Never Caught. Your objective is not to write a book review, but to use
your text as a historical source. The most important thing to convey is the
significant historical information you have encountered. In assessing Never
Caught for the purposes of this essay, the specific details of Ona Judge’s life
are less important than the details of the world in which she lived.
Ultimately, your task is to demonstrate that you have read the entire text
and have, at least to some extent, thought about the material you have read.
Here are some elements to consider:
Without summarizing the book, what historical issues (a minimum of four) stand out to you after your reading? Here are some examples which you might use, but you can include any you come across:
Life on the plantation of a prominent Virginian
Relations between enslaver and enslaved
Enslaved family relations
The “inner life” of the enslaved
Philadelphia in the Early Republic
Life for a runaway slave
George and Martha Washington
What is the author’s argument, not what the book is “about,” but the
point the author is making?