Module 4 Week 11 Assignment
Hello geographers and welcome to the week 11 Assignment!
Complete and post your answers by Saturday @ 10pm
Week 11 Questions
1. Compare and contrast the “ambivalent views of cities” from the text. How do you view your city?
2. Compare and contrast the urbanization patterns of China and India as described in chapter 9
3. Describe the idea of New Urbanism and the authors perspective on how it impacts urban space.
4. Describe the features of sustainable, livable cities and suggest ways to encourage cities to move in this direction.
5. What do you think the author suggests is the solution for the current housing crisis in the country?
6. Compare megacities of Tokyo, New York, Mexico City, Sau Paulo, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Lagos in terms of population and city size, for each research site and situation details
7. Describe one of the theories on urban culture you would most like to live in yourself
8. Describe one of the theories on urban structure you would most like to live in yourself
Module 3 Week 9 Discussion Board
1. Watch the YouTube clipHas urban revival caused a crisis of success? ( read chapter 9 to answer: What problems are created as cities grow? How can housing be made more available?
2. Watch the YouTube clip
Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars ( read chapter 9 to answer: What benefits do SuperBlock provide people in Spain? What traffic issues do pedestrians face in Los Angeles? Why? Would SuperBlocks solve the issues?
3. Describe how settlement patterns can development based on transportation. What cities are defined by their transportation access?
4. What cities are the fastest in growth rate of immigrants from rural entering an urban place? Why?
5. Is the place you live in an Autosprawl as described in chapter 9? Describe why or why not
6. What do you believe are elements of a healthy city?
7. What ideas do you agree with on how planners can make a city more sustainable? Discuss why you would choose those ideas over others