Start with an introduction.
In 1-2 paragraphs, using course concepts and materials, explain what the self is.
In 1 paragraph, clearly identify the self you would like to be (this must be specific, not vague, and must include a work, vocation or career choice as part of the target self). Of course you will be more than your career, but it’s a lot easier to analyze something a specific social role.
In 1 page, explain in detail how you will get there. For example, if your chosen self is a lawyer, your path would include completing a bachelor’s degree, completing a law degree, joining a law firm (maybe), etc. etc.
In 4-5 pages, using course concepts and materials, explain in detail why this method of transformation will work.
Apply theories (Ethnomethodology, Symbolic Interactionism, Impression Management, Theory of Self). For example, if you choose to become a lawyer, what impression management would you do to be taken seriously as a lawyer? What clothes would you wear? Considering the role of interaction (feature 3 of the 5) in creating reality–and the self–with whom would you interact to affirm your role as a lawyer?
Reference and integrate quotes from the interview you already conducted as another example of self-transformation. You could analyze this example before, during, and/or after analyzing your own life as an example.
Wrap it up with a conclusion.
Include a bibliography.