The prompt of the Essay is:
“Why is there evil in the world? Do the Book of Job, The Trial of God, and Between the World and Me seem to agree or disagree about whether evil seems to be the result of bad individuals, of human nature, or of forces outside of human control?”
The Essay must refer to the 3 books mentioned above:
1) the Book of Job
2) The trial of God
3) Between the World and Me
Important Notes:
The essay should be a thesis-based argumentative paper that responds directly to one of the prompts above.
You should engage deeply with the texts you compare. This includes presenting useful quotes as evidence for your claims. You should assume your reader is familiar with the plot and avoid plot summary.
Both formal footnotes/endnotes and a bibliography are a required part of this assignment. Please format your citations in Chicago Note and Bibliography Style (this means no parenthetical footnotes). Papers not in Chicago Note and Bibliography Style will not be accepted.
Outside sources are not necessary for this assignment. However, as in any formal essay, you must properly cite and footnote all ideas or interpretations that are not your own or are not easily obtainable general knowledge. This includes not only direct quotes, but also all material that is paraphrased from primary or secondary sources. Failure to diligently cite outside sources [including material taken from Wikipedia or other on-line sources] is plagiarism, and faculty must pass on all suspected cases of plagiarism or cheating to the Academic Honor Council for adjudication. The typical minimum penalty for academic dishonesty is the failure of the entire course.
Papers will be graded on the quality of thesis and evidence, on the clarity and organization of argument, and on writing mechanics.