Write a one page summary and reflection (about 275-300 words) on two or three of the main takeaways you have from this week’s class as we explore the concept of viewing self within our own cultures. The following questions from your final paper will help guide your thinking as you process our work together this week.
Did you find some of the concepts new or difficult to process?
Were there any new ideas along the way that you have added to your leadership tool box for future use?
Could you make immediate, practical application with the subject matter?
Do you feel empowered to exhibit a healthy CQ in the workplace?
Can you train others to show consistent integrity in cultural leadership?
Be sure to consider the readings, videos, discussions, lecture topics, etc., and to cite any outside sources you reference. Your class reflection should demonstrate that you have met the student learning outcomes for the week as shown in the weekly overview.
This is the video from this week also. I download for you the work for this week in the files please check. thanks let me know if you know anything.

Please make sure it’s your own writing.