1. The title of the poem “Facing It” is both literal and symbolic. Talk about

1. The title of the poem “Facing It” is both literal and symbolic. Talk about the two meanings. Do not neglect to notice that there are several people at the memorial that day, in addition to the poet. The footnotes below the poem and the paragraph written about it by the author on page 1123 will be helpful. You should write a fully developed paragraph. (33 points)
2. In your study of “They Came for Me,” you learned that this piece actually was not written / intended as a poem but was a quote from a lecture given by Martin Niemoller. Talk about the situation that inspired this quote.
Then relate that quote to the novel we are reading. What is the connection there? Finally, talk about how this quote could be important in your life one day. How and why is it still relevant, nearly 75 years later?
If you quote from any of the sources provided for you in the module, be sure to use quotation marks and to cite the passage. (33 points)
3. First, write a brief (3-4 sentence) prose summary of Warsan Shire’s poem “Home.” Then find a reliable online resource that illustrates the situation in the poem as it relates to the current refugee crisis in a particular country. The website of an organization such as Amnesty International , World Relief Organization, or CARE.org would provide various perspectives.
What situation is occurring in the country you chose? Why does a refugee crisis exist there? If you quote from a source, remember to use quotation marks, and don’t forget to include a citation for any information you use from a source. (34 points)

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