MLO# 6.1: Identify a research question relevant to the themes of this course which takes a central issue in the course and expands it to an additional case or area
 6.2: Analyze how investigating this additional case may support or contradict the arguments of authors whose work we have studied for this course.
 6.3: Identify a clear and well-delimited central question that will form the basis of the research paper.
 6.4: Explain the research methods that will be used to answer the question.CLO#
 CLO 4: Identify the different ways in which contemporary states deal with issues of ethnic and cultural diversity
 CLO 5: Analyze and implement the skills and capabilities to conduct research to analyze complex situations and synthesize information, and to communicate effectively using oral and written forms
How have the arts been used to alleviate the denial of citizenship (and place) in Timor-Leste? How have the arts given the Timorese a way to hold on to their identity through several occupations?How is cultural identity preserved in the arts?Throughout the course of this 4000-word research paper, I will look into a brief history of the Arts and identity specifically music, poetry and street art. I will continue by looking into the music, poetry and streetart of East Timor throughout the past 50 or so years and see if I can find ways in which their identity was preserved through their artistic practices. Can the arts act as a storage facility for the oppressed, marginalized, underserved, unrecognized and stateless? Have there been other examples of this in history/ International Relations?In order to provide an in-depth analysis of this topic I will use the following research methods: Conducting interviews with several musicians in Timor-Leste; surveying colleagues; researching meanings in songs and poems; reviewing Ethnographic accounts and relevant literature. I will understand how Timorese culture was preserved despite occupations through poetry and music. This will help to get a perspective of the people and situation that took place and created the cultures that came to be. I will then relate this work to Statelessness and observe how denial of citizenship in their own country relates to other cases of denied citizenship.