Answer in essay format from the perspective of a practitioner from readings attached:
1) Answer from the perspectives of Carlos Castaneda and Michael Harner:
What is a shaman? Can anyone be a shaman? What are shaman’s goals and howare they attained?
How do you establish the validity of your identity as a shaman? (How do I know what you’re doing is “the real thing”?)
2) Answer from one perspective – member of the Church of Satan or member of The Satanic Temple:
Tell me about what Satan means to you. Is Satan “real”? Why is Satan important for you?
Do you consider your practices to be religious? Why or why not?
3) Answer as a chaos magician:
What does “chaos” mean to you? Why is it an important concept in your practices?
*Please only use sources provided*no work cited page required*feel free to include in-text citations*