For this option the “brand” is YOU. You are required to develop and implement your own personal SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING strategy. It is most likely that you will use this opportunity to build a social media presence which will enhance your employability in the near future. You should reflect on what industry you want to be working in and the relevant media for that. For example, go to and you will see I engage with social and other media linked primarily to the research and education industries. If you are a content creator you are welcome to focus on the SM for your content rather than focus on building your social media to ‘get a job’. Just ask me about what you want to do and we can clarify.
This assignment is not a life plan, it is not about what you want to learn at uni/elsewhere, it is not about marketing you in general, it is a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY.
For this option the “brand” is the main product/service/brand delivered by the company you work for. You are required to evaluate and where possible implement a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEFY for that product/service/brand. It is most likely that you will use this opportunity to support your present work activities at your employment. It will help you think of new ideas in your role. What this could involve will be as diverse as the number of companies that exist, so talk to me one-on-one and I can give you some specific direction.
For BOTH options 1 and 2, tha same criteria are applied. Irrespective of the option chosen we provide the following broad guidelines as a suggested structure, but you are welcome to deviate from it:
A current internal “situation analysis” – basic background to person/brand/product, strengths and weaknesses of the current SOCIAL MEDIA
A current external “situation analysis” – the opportunities and threats to the person/brand/prodcut regarding arising from SOCIAL MEDIA
A description of your target “customers”/”viewers” (eg. potential employers will view your SMM, your SM content consumers, your product buyers on SM, etc)
A statement of your SMM objective(s) and how they fit into the broader marketing/business objectives
A positioning statement – how you want to be seen by your “customers”/”viewers” on SM
The SMM strategies that will be implemented – (MAJOR PART OF ASSIGNMENT) – focus on both choice of Social Media Channel and Social Media Content
A clear action plan, including timeframes and budgetary considerations (budget may be monetary, effort, time, and similar, a zero dollar budget is OK, just budget time then)
Evidence of implementation of your plan (the more, the better!) – for those doing Own Company please ask about what this may include as business limitations may hinder you doing some types of implementation.
The assignment should be approximately 2500 words in length (do not go over that!), and is due at the end of Week 10. Irrespective of which option you choose (Brand Me vs Own Company), please submit to the same submission link below. Make sure to put a heading on the assignment indicating which option you chose.
WARNING – Keep the assignment specific to social media or you risk considerable loss of marks.
This is worth 40% of your final grade. The breakdown for marking is:
Situation Analysis (40%) * Internal and external analysis. * Description of “customers”. * Statement of objectives. * Positioning statement.
Social media marketing strategies (40%) * Choices of strategy are justified based on situation analysis (Critical for high marks). * Includes choice of both media and choice of content/messaging. * Action plan. * Timelines and Budgeting. * Evidence of implementation.
Professional Standard (10%) * Adequately covers topic within the specified word limit. * Spelling and grammar *Appropriate referencing style used
Academic Skills (10%) * Demonstrates analytical, logical thinking. *Presents a clear argument/case for choices. * Uses evidence to support choices and arguments. * Uses appropriate sources of information in report. UK ENGLISH