case study of three students from the book: And we still rise by Miles Corwin. student#1 Sadi, student #2 Toya and student#3 Olivia.
introduction to what extent people are and are not a product of their environment. Define (free will) Agency and objectively present the relationship between people’s agencies and their environment. then present my thesis that answers the research question: be sure to provide reasons as to what extent I believe people are in control of their success.
Student paragraph1: sadi
Student paragraph2: Tonya
Student paragraph 3: olivia
what factors made it difficult for them to achieve success. Did these students succeed or fail at the end of the book. was I correct at the middle of sememster( yes, I believe the student to be successful regardless of the obsticles)
be sure to cite articles or examples from And still we rise.
Conclusion:summary of research plus unresolved issues plus end with wether I got where I am now in my life all on my own( no I did not get here on my own, had help along the way though i did all the work in some cases but without help i would not be who or where i am today. I’m 46 and a Navy vetran from Texas.) How much of it was me, and how much of it was factors from my environment that shaped me? ( no way to gauge how much of anything provided me the opportunity to be alive and be who I am today but everyone’s foundation in life can be diffrent. my foundation was decently solid a had both parents growing up be it also had bad things to shape me as well as good.)
I have pdf articles to cite from, but unable currently to upload here. you can ask for the names I’ll give the to you.