Come up with a thesis about Russia invading Ukraine and support it with the below criteria.
. This assignment is more than your opinion. You will have to provide a thesis statement that includes understanding your topic from your point of view. You will also need to create a tangible call to action. You will need to support your argument with credible research.
. Remember the Key Features of Effective Arguments:
· A clear and arguable position
· Necessary background information and context
· Good reasons
· Convincing support
· Consideration of opposition
· A call to action
. Your project needs to include at least one visual element. This can be in the form of an illustration, graph, table, map, or chart.
You will need to conform to MLA guidelines in documenting resources and typing your paper. MLA intext citations are required within your project and a complete works cited page is needed for your sources. Total of 8 CREDIBLE sources
8 pages(minimum) of text, not including space for your visuals. Double-spaced, 1 inch margin all around. Final drafts that do not meet minimum page requirements will not pass. Must meet the criteria above
The paper template will be uploaded to drop box.