Dear friends,
While reading and enjoying this magnificent epic of our ancestors from 4 millennia ago (see the attachment), and while writing your well-thought out essay, I would like you to consider the context in which the Epic of Gilgamesh took shape. I would also like you to think about the relevance of this ancient epic to our modern world. Please read the following important issues that I would like you to consider when writing the paper. Please think about these, before and while you are reading the epic.
Gilgamesh ruled over Uruk. Where was Uruk and what kind of a city was it?
Was it in an advanced stage of development or had urbanization barely begun therein?
Did Uruk have any relationship with the outside world? Where is Enkidu coming from? If from mountains, which mountains would these be? What are the closest mountains to Mesopotamia? Please look at your maps again.
At what stage of development is Enkidu’s society. Is he coming from a settled community?
What kind of transformation does Enkidu go through when he enters Uruk?
What does coming to a harlot signify?
Where is Uruk getting its wood from? Which region provided the wood for Mesopotamia, Egypt, greater Syria etc.? And what does this say about Mesopotamia’s relation to this wooded part of the Fertile Crescent?
Also consider the following:
· The epic was obviously created from the oral histories circulating in ancient Mesopotamia and gradually written down from 1800 BCE, for a number of centuries onwards. The Epic was written in the Akkadian language, in 1800 BCE. Keep in mind Sargon of Akkad, and the cuneiform script and the context of all this.
· The narratives of the Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy – these various parts of the Bible, on the other hand, were actually written down in their present form much later, during the Persian Period (538-332 BCE) under the Achaemenid Dynasty, who rose from Persis – remember?
Please read the Epic of Gilgamesh carefully. I promise you it will be an extremely enriching experience. And you will not regret having read it!
I want you to write a 4 page (NO LESS), double spaced, essay, incorporating your footnotes and citations, in correct English, which includes the following (submit as a Word file or PDF):
One paragraph summarizing, analytically and thoughtfully, the main issues that the epic deals with.
E.g. the Epic of Gilgamesh is an unforgettable story about xxx. In a so-and-so manner the epic deals with aaa, bbb, and … It tells us that xxx is yyy and zzz. [2pts]
Two paragraphs analyzing the context of Gilgamesh, who are the main characters? Please don’t give me a list of characters. Concentrate on the most important characters. What do they represent? What is the relationship of the city that Gilgamesh comes from to the outside world and what does all this tell us about one of the most ancient cities of Mesopotamia and the world, the city of Uruk? [2pts]
One paragraph summarizing the Flood story of the Bible. You need to do research on this. After you’ve read the Gilgamesh, you must read the Bible story. Again, please don’t give me a synopsis of it taken from elsewhere. Cite which Bible edition you are referring to. I need to know that you’ve read the flood narrative of Genesis! [1.5pt]
One page critically comparing and contrasting the two stories of the Flood in Gilgamesh and the Bible. What story influenced the other, do you think? [2.5pts]
One final paragraph reflecting upon the wisdom that you’ve gained having read the epic! [2pts]
please DON’T take any part of your analysis from other sources. Use this book only for writing the essay that i added as a pdf