Health Information Committee
This assignment covers all the regulations, policies, and laws that govern healthcare—medical and health records—and regulatory compliance.
For this assignment, you will develop a report that will cover information regarding HIPAA, patient privacy, release of information, healthcare licensing, accreditation, safety, and risk assessment. It is important to understand how all these components work together to protect the healthcare provider and the patient.
View the Health Information Committee Scenario for Central City hospital :
Then develop a five-page report detailing each of the components listed below.
Explain the importance of being accredited by The Joint Commission.
Discuss the difference between licensing and accreditation.
Explain the difference between privacy, confidentiality, and security in the healthcare setting.
Discuss the importance of PHI and the function of the HIPAA Privacy rule.
Explain the importance of patients knowing their health information will not be shared without the Authorization for Release of Information.
Discuss the importance of ethics and ethical behavior in healthcare.
Explain risk management and why it is important in healthcare.