Hi, so this is an Art History visual analysis paper, which will be based on the Visual Analysis paper that you handed in earlier this semester. I would like you to write an essay based on Heinrich Wӧlfflin’s observations about the formal (visual) differences between Renaissance and Baroque painting. In this paper you will discuss whether Wӧlfflin’s five principles that help to assess whether a painting is Renaissance or Baroque, are applicable to the painting you wrote your visual analysis about. You can argue that all the principles are applicable, or that they are only partially applicable, or not at all.
Down below is a document titled “Document20 (1).pdf,” That is my 1st essay I wrote which will will be based on the Visual Analysis paper that I handed in earlier this semester. It will correlates to what is being asked of for this final paper.
*All of the instructions are given in the files down below**
*NO ONLINE BACKGROUND INFORMATION; the information should be based on my last paper **
I truly apologize for the last minute request, it’s been hard being on time of things especially in college and the time managment aspect to it. I hope you could fullfill my wishes and complete this assignment for me.