Provide a 1050 word response to the instructor-assigned questions below:
Develop a long-term US strategy using the Ends, Ways, and Means model (see chapters 3-5 of the National Security Primer to address the South China sea crisis, keeping in mind points the second discussion question brought up about China’s perceptions and that country’s potential preparations for conflict. Since this is a dynamic situation, feel free to use the Lowy article from the course material, or explore these linked articles to learn about the latest events and hear regional perspectives.
Explained: South China Sea Dispute
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Conflict and Diplomacy on the High Seas
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How Much Trade Transits the South China Sea?
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How Much Trade Transits the South China Sea?

Approach this essay in three steps:
First, develop strategic objectives (ends) based on the national interests, and the strategic environment. As you do this, keep Yarger’s guidance on strategic objectives in mind: “objectives (ends) explain ‘what’ needs to be accomplished…strategic objectives directly serve the strategic purpose—the desired end state.”
Second, develop “strategic concepts (ways) [that] explain ‘how’ the objectives are to be accomplished by the employment of the instruments of power…Strategic concepts link resources to the objectives by addressing who does what, where, when, and why to explain how an objective will be achieved.”
Third, keeping in mind that this is at the strategic level, “determine the types and levels of resources [means] that are necessary to support the concepts of the strategy.”
A good answer to this essay question will consider all elements of strategy: interests, objectives, means, ways, and risk. The interests and objectives are required to establish the goals, in order to have ways and means that are meaningfully linked and integrated towards the end state (objective).
The notion of a desired end state is difficult for some students to articulate. An end state focuses on the set of conditions you want to see as an outcome for the given scenario.
The best way to write an effective end state is to describe your desired conditions in one or two succinct sentences, e.g.:
The United States will remain a regional power in the Asia-Pacific.
China will be discouraged from further aggression in the South China Sea.
Please don’t forget to use enclosure and read references