Derek Thompson’s “A World Without Work” discusses the impact of technological advancement on the present and future job market. In this article, Thompson provides several possibilities for the future of jobs, the economy, and life itself. In “The End of Men”, Hanna Rosin contends that the current academic world and job market favor skills women rather than men are likely to have, whereas the job market of the former American assembly line economy favored men’s skills. Rosin’s article provides an opportunity to consider the workplace and employment in terms of gender. Yuval Harari’s article “The Meaning of Life in a World Without Work” offers an ample discussion of the way people can create meaning for life in the absence of work. Cohen and Schmidt discuss the pros and cons of technology’s impact on society, but believe that it can lead to improved quality of life on a global scale.
Respond to the issues raised in Thompson’s article. Begin with a thesis that highlights your argument, by considering the following:
Does automation via technological advancement mean more poverty? More freedom? More happiness? A workforce with different skill sets?
Utilize Thompson’s examples in considering your answer.
Support your argument in the body paragraphs.
Summarize the information Thompson discusses in each section of the article
Incorporate at least one additional source from the module to support your argument
Incorporate at least three additional sources from your independent research (CCBC Library Database or other credible site)
Audience: Write for an audience that is not in this class. That means you’ll need to spend some time summarizing key ideas, defining any terms that might be unfamiliar, choosing short quotes from the reading selections to help your reader get a sense of the authors’ arguments.
Length: 4-5 pages (1000-1250) words
Include an original title (not “Module Four Essay” or “Automation Essay”)
Use MLA Style to format your essay
Compose a thesis statement that highlights your argument about automation and work
Organize the essay so that each body paragraph is providing support for your thesis
Source requirements:
Integrate Thompson’s article as the primary source
Integrate at least one additional reading from the module
Research and integrate at least three additional sources (CCBC Library Database or other credible source)
Cite all sources using MLA style in-text citations
Include an MLA style Works Cited page at the end of the essay (not included in 3-4 pages of text)
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