Part 5: Research Proposal
· Instructions for Research Proposal:
Imagine that you are participating in an academic conference on literature and that you will be giving a lecture to an audience at the conference.
Write a ~1 page proposal for a lecture (just a proposal – not the lecture itself) that you could imagine giving on any topic in literature that you find fascinating (poetry, fiction, or drama). You will choose the specific topic of the talk – something that has inspired you in your study of literature. The proposal includes the following (and is modeled after the format of the Lorraine Hanberry A rasin in the sun critical articles we will discuss in class):
1. Lecture abstract (100-150 words)
2. List of 5 keywords people could use to look up the topic of the lecture
3. Annotated bibliography: This is list of 5 MLA-cited sources listed that you could imagine referencing in your lecture. You will find sources in the CUNY databases. The “annotated” part of “annotated bibliography” means that each citation should be followed by several sentences explaining what it would contribute to your project and why you are including it on your list.