Sports competition may be controversial, with some claiming that it is unnecessary and can lead to low self-esteem and stress. Competition is essential in sports since it boosts an athlete’s capacity to attain their maximum potential and goals. Competition motivates players, develops strong teamwork skills, and humbles us.
-For my Kinesiology class
-Your written research assignment will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: depth of research, thesis statement, essay organization, style, use of correct grammar, sentence structure and bibliography.
Knowledge and Understanding – 21 marks
Knowledge of topic (e.g., facts, terms, definitions…)
Understanding of topic (e.g., theoris, concepts, ideas…)
Thinking and Inquiry – 21 marks
Effectiveness of research; extent and depth
Use of planning skills (e.g., focusing research, gathering information, organizing an inquiry)
Use of processing skills (e.g., selecting, analysing, synthesizing, evaluating, detecting point of view and bias, forming conclusions)
Use of creative and critical thinking processes
Communication – 15 marks
Effective structure and flow (introduction, thesis and conclusion)
Expression and organization of ideas
Use of conventions, vocabulary and terminology
Expression and organization of ideas and information (e.g., clarity of expression, logical organization)
Quotations used were appropriate and essential, freedom from bias
Correct footnotes, bibliography, cover page etc.
Application – 13 marks
Making connections within and between contexts (e.g., past, present, and future; environmental; personal; social; religious; cultural; socio-economic)