Write a Four-Paragraph essay on the topic below. Read the assignment carefully
before you begin to write, and think about how you will organize your ideas.
Consider how you can effectively incorporate information from the articles that you
read/discussed in preparation for this essay. When you use information from your
readings, be sure to make some reference to the origin of that information.
In an appeal to working-class Americans, Senator Sherrod Brown has
expressed a message about “the dignity of work.” He believes that work is not
being compensated fairly because more American laborers are working two part-
time jobs. Brown states on his website, “Protecting workers’ rights isn’t a battle
that’s behind us–not by a long shot. We have to change that, because if you love
this country, you fight for the people who make it work. And I mean all workers-
whether he punches a clock or she works in a diner. Whether they work behind a
desk or on a factory floor or in an operating room.” The concept of dignified work
focuses on the idea that all jobs are important and honorable.
Do you agree or disagree that all work is dignified?
Think about the influences in our society that play a role in this discussion.
Begin with an introduction and explanation of your position. Your position should
be expressed in a clear thesis statement. Support your stance with specific
examples from the sources in the two body paragraphs. Be sure to use at least (2)
of the required sources below in your essay. End the essay with a conclusion that
leaves the reader with a final impression.