[1] Before completing this module what was your understanding of philosophy? After completing the module how has your understanding of philosophy changed?
[2] What is an argument? What are the two parts of an argument?
[3] Define the terms “validity” and “soundness”. What is the relationship between validity and soundness?
[4] What is the difference between deductive arguments and inductive arguments? Give an example of each.
[5] What does it mean to place an argument in “standard form”?
[6] What is the Socratic definition of critical thinking?
[7] Why do you think employers are looking for employees who can think critically?
[8] What is the difference between philosophy and science?
[9] What is the difference between religion and mysticism on the one hand and philosophy on the other?
[10] What, on Russell’s view, is the value of philosophy?
Please answer each of the above questions. (Note: All subsequent discussion posts should be written in essay format.)
Please respond to at least two other student posts. Replies must be substantive. I suggest that you focus on your classmates’ reply to question 10.