10-page research paper: This paper should follow upper-division rules for papers

10-page research paper: This paper should follow upper-division rules for papers in the social sciences and must include:
Research Paper: The research project will involve the beginning of an analysis of a specific question about a topic related to your work. You can choose any topic that interests you; however, you cannot write the paper on current events. All sections of the paper you are completing are described in detail in Lisa A. Baglione’s “writing a research paper in political science,” book.
Once you have chosen the area of interest for the research paper, you will start surveying the literature and write a short literature review. The literature review should discuss all the relevant possible arguments and different approaches for your topic. In addition to the 5-page body of the literature review, you have to include a comprehensive bibliography at the end of your final paper. The literature review should include at least 8 sources.
After the literature review, you have to design an actual model based on dependent and independent variables. You should discuss those variables briefly in the context of the literature and then focus on the underlying causalities of your model in 2-3 pages.
In the following analysis and assessment section you will collect your relevant data which has to be a carefully thought through endeavor as it is crucial to support your argument. This data can come from your interviews, your work experiences, accessible data in your internship, and the general academic field of relevance. When presenting your data, you need to discuss in which ways the data is supportive of your hypothesis or what alternative explanations are potentially more valid.
Finally, round out our paper with introduction, conclusion, and transitions between the different sections of the paper and a comprehensive work cited list.
Note: 8 scholarly sources cannot not be more than 7 years ago.

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