12th Night Comedic Devices Essay Assignment and Rubric
Assignment: Write a 5 paragraph literary analysis that focuses on how Shakespeare employs comedic devices in 12th Night or What you Will. Your introduction should have a clear thesis statement that specifies the three comedic devices you will discuss. The 3 body paragraphs should contain at least one documented quote from the play that illustrates the comedic device that you are analyzing in the paragraph. Use the handout provided as a reference for documenting plays. The conclusion should not contain any documented material and should provide an adequate close to the essay.
MLA Format (overall) _____/10
Five Paragraph Essay includes an introduction with a thesis, three body paragraphs that explain which comedic device is being analyzed, how Shakespeare uses the comedic device in the play, and is supported by a documented quote from the play. The conclusion is present and adequately closes the essay. _____/50
5 (50) 4 (35) 3 (30) 2 (25) 1 (20)
MLA Format for Citing Shakespeare’s Plays: Quotations in the body paragraphs are documented using MLA in-text citations _____/15
5 (15) 4 (12) 3 (9) 2 (6) 1 (3)
Works Cited entry for 12th Night is Correct _____/15
5 (15) 4 (12) 3 (9) 2 (6) 1 (3)
Essay follows the checklist _____/20
5 (20) 4 (16) 3(12) 2(8) 1(4)
Comments: _____/100
Sentences do not begin with “It is” or “there were” or any other form of a pronoun plus a linking verb.
The words “this quote…” (or anything similar to that) are not used to introduce quotes.
No paragraphs begin or end with quotes.
Punctuation rules are followed carefully. This includes capitalization.
First person and second person pronouns are not used in this essay.