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Include a minimum of one quote in your writing and CITE when you WRITE
If needed use trusted sources for more information, but be sure to cite it at the end: Cite when you Write!
Add a least ONE reference to myth concept Joseph Campbell and the Four Functions of Myth
Fan letter Example: Izanagi, in your story with your fie Izanami, I noticed one of Joseph Campbell’s four functions of myths. According to Professor Shreve, the sociological function supports a culture’s “values and basic social structures including relationships, gender roles.” When you and your wife had a child that was wrong and you had to redo the marriage ceremony with you peaking and acting first. Does this mean you and your society expected a woman to completely obey her husband and in all things the husband was to be first? Is this why in Japanese society in the past, women had to walk behind the man? Now in the 21st century, do you still feel that way?
** Ancient History Encyclopedia
** Godchecker
* Encyclopædia Britannica
** Encyclopedia of Mythology – Mythopedia.com
Mythology Source – Mythologysource.com
Encyclopedia of Mythica – pantheon.org – This has extensive list of GGDs but not very detailed, but includes reference used.
** US History.org – Ancient Civilizations (Links to an external site.)
Cultures in the World (Links to an external site.)
* History.com (Links to an external site.)
National Geographic – Education (Links to an external site.)
BBC – Ancient Civilizations (Links to an external site.)
World Culture Encyclopedia (Links to an external site.) – Many existing cultures are listed by country or region (like North America has many Native American Tribes)
Realm of History (Links to an external site.) – TIP This site has history, archeology, and more, but if you search for a culture, you will get a list for well-researched mythology. EX: Aztec, Mayan, and so on
North American Tribes are not always well-represented in the above sources, so this is a trusted source specific to Native North American Tribes: Native Languages of the Americas: Preserving and promoting American Indian languages. Native Languages (Links to an external site.)
Do NOT use Wikipedia as YOUR source, but if needed you can use the sources and helpful search terms used in Wikipedia.
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