2 seperate essays each 500 words double spaced First essay(Muheme) 1. In near

2 seperate essays
each 500 words
double spaced
First essay(Muheme)
1. In nearly every unit this semester, we have discussed issues of representation. We have been concerned with how musicians represent themselves for others, how musicians and places are represented by others whether from different places or social strata, and how these representations relate to politics, current events, and ideologies. Using ONE OR MORE examples from our class this semester, describe how a group of people, type of music, or place in the world has been represented by others. How might you analyze that representation? Think along the lines of politics, ideologies, inaccuracies, and stereotypes
Second essay(raga)
2. Regardless of whether you agree or not, use ONE OR MORE examples from our class this semester to make the argument that music is NOT a universal language. You may want to discuss how two groups of people understand or hear the same music differently. For example, you can think about how a type of music is conceived of differently along lines of social division like class, race, ethnicity, age, or gender within a particular region. You could also think about broader geographic divisions – like, for instance, how you experienced an example differently than it is understood within its community of origin.
Your essays should be organized in a clear and straightforward manner. In argumentative essays, each body paragraph generally focuses on one of your main points. Remember these are very short essays – try for 2 body paragraphs (no more than 3).
General essay organization: i. INTRO/THESIS
ii. BODY (Point 1)
iii. BODY (Point 2)
iv. CONCLUSION (Restate thesis)
For each essay, you need to cite at least ONE scholarly source. These sources cannot be taken from our class readings.
For one source ONLY, I suggest you use either the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music or Grove Music Online.
You should have a thesis, located in a brief introductory paragraph. Your thesis should clearly respond to the prompt. It should present the central argument that you will be making along with the main points you will forward to prove this argument.

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