2) You are
tasked with creating three healthy recipes using ramen that could be considered
for the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet or the MIND diet. These recipes will
be given to the food pantry to distribute to patrons. Remember, the patrons of
the food pantry do not have a lot of money to spend, so use common, inexpensive
ingredients, and/ or give ideas for substitutions. You do not have to make the
recipe, but you may, and if so include photos. (40 points)
a. Provide
the recipes, if it is one that you found on the internet and have modified it
provide, both the original and the modified version and cite your sources.
b. Explain
how you have improved the nutritional value of the recipe, and how it relates
to the diets mentioned above. If possible provide the nutritional values using
the package as a guide.
3) Recently
on the news, there was a segment on California, the drought they are
experiencing, and how it will impact their harvest. Global warming, natural
disasters like- flooding and wildfires, have altered the agriculture industry.
Many areas, including California and other U. S. states, are struggling to
produce many of the items we rely on. At the same time, our global population
continues to rise, some suggest it could reach a whopping 10 billion people by
2050, it is now 7.8 billion, and many scientists think the earth can only
sustain 9-10 billion people. Provide a detailed explanation of sustainable food
practices that we can do to prepare for 2050. Use at least five creditable
research articles and cite your sources, links to the articles are acceptable.
(50 points)