Answer the question below and write an essay response (800 words min., 1000 words max.) that discusses specific
examples from objects in the lectures and passages from the readings. Please choose 3-5 examples of art objects and
readings from across the semester (attached are several readings).
● Make sure to cite your sources: ○ For readings, you may use either social science/MLA formatting (author, page # in parentheses) or the more traditional and complete form of the Chicago Manual of Style ○ For lectures, cite as: “__Lecture title__” (_date_), slide #__.
● Include the artist, title, and date for any objects discussed.
● Note your essay question number or topic as a title.
Question: 1 Technology and Media: How have new technologies changed the way that art and visual images are made in the postwar era? How did the transmission and distribution of new media forms affect social and geopolitical relations?