Based on the scenarios provided:
Reflect on the material presented throughout this course.
What necessary information would need to be obtained about the patient through health assessments and diagnostic tests?
Consider how you would respond as an advanced practice nurse. Review evidence-based practice guidelines and ethical considerations applicable to the scenario you are given.
The Assignment
Write a detailed three-page narrative (not a formal paper) explaining the health assessment information required for a diagnosis of your selected patient (include the scenario number). Explain how you would respond to the scenario as an advanced practice nurse using evidence-based practice guidelines and applying ethical considerations. Justify your response using at least three different references from current evidence-based literature.
CASE STUDY 2: A 33-year-old woman with advanced-stage breast cancer has been admitted to the emergency room with cardiac arrest. She is not married and her boyfriend accompanies her in the ambulance.
copy and paste in google search AND DOWNLOAD to see TEXTBOOK ( ) = READ Chapter 24, “Sports Participation Evaluation” and Chapter 25, “Putting It All Together”
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