Using all the writing skills you have learned, write 600-700 words of reflection on your experience with the Writing Express course. This essay should present your own experience in first person. As a way of organizing, you might think back to your expectations prior to beginning the Writing Express course; examine the process of working through each unit and the efficacy of each; consider the outcomes versus the expectations; offer a plan for utilizing the work of the Writing Express in future writing. Your work will be evaluated on your writing skills rather than the content, so consider the entire experience and be candid in your response. Your feedback is important to us as we continuously work to improve the Writing Express course.
Evaluation of Assignment:
Your assignment will be evaluated on your general writing ability considering all of the components of writing that we have covered over the past six units. There is no need to include outside sources, though you are welcome to do so.
Unit 1: Introduction:
Unit 2:Audience Expectations
Unit 3: Reasearch and evaluating sources
Unit 4: Working with Sources and Using APA Format
Unit 5: Thesis Statements, Paragraphs, Transitions
Unit 6: Applying What You’ve Learned (Final Draft)