Building on your essay proposal, you will be writing a 4-5 page essay that examines Long Day’s Journey Into Night through the lens of Freud, Berlant or both.
As you write, please remember that your essay must focus on the entirety of the play (so not just, say, a scene we went over in class, but numerous scenes throughout the play) as this is how we determine dramatic and psychological arc, etc.
You need not make this overly complex. Work from the writing we’ve already done on these thinkers, and this play, over the last several weeks. You’ll need to adjust that writing to the aims of this essay, but that shouldn’t be the hardest thing as it contributed (one assumes) to your essay proposal.
All sources come from a Long Day’s Journey Into Night while incorporating Freud, Berlant or both with their theories.
The essay should be size 12 font, double spaced, with sources cited in-text and on a works cited page (in MLA format). You need to title your essay, have intro/conclusion – all that good essay stuff.