ECO Spring 2022
Final Exam Assignment
Your paper will be about 5-10 pages in length, using Times New Roman, 12 point and double spaced.
It should have the following sections:
· Introduction: What do you want to do, why is it important to outline some key issues that you will be looking at, and your hypothesis
· Main Body: Defend your hypothesis
· Summary and Conclusions
· Site in a separate page the sources you used to back up your paper (if pertinent)
The main Goal of the assignment can be too things:
1) Pick a relevant topic that we discussed IN CLASS and provide a basis, explanation, and support for how it applies to your everyday life, or will in the future.
2) Pick a relevant topic that we discuss IN class and use that as a basis to explore a current event that is going on, or has recently happened; and explore in detail the ramifications of that event as it relates to economic theory or concept.
O/P readily apparent to reader
O/P clear but there are digressions sometimes
O/P not clear and consistent throughout the paper
O/P generally unclear
Balanced presentation, valid information supporting the O/P, thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the topic with important insights
Reasonable support, evidence of basic analysis, some insights
Reasonable support of O/P sometimes. Analysis is basic with few insights
O/P is not clearly identified; analysis is vague and not clear. Misinformation and inconsistency
Ideas arranged logically to support O/P.
Ideas flow smoothly from one point to another and clearly linked.
Line of reasoning can be followed
Ideas arranged logically to support O/P.
Ideas are usually linked to each other. Reader can follow the line of reasoning for the most part.
Ideas are in general logical, sometimes they do not make sense
Reader is fairly clear about
Consistently professional
Generally professional and appropriate for academic research
Not consistently professional or appropriate for academic research
Sentence Structure
Well-phrased, varied in length and structure, flows smoothly from one to another
Well-phrased, some variety in length and structure, generally flows smoothly from one to another
Awkwardly constructed sentences, sometimes leading to distraction
Errors in sentence construction leading to major distractions
Word Choice
Consistently precise and accurate
Generally good, often precise and effective
Adequate choice of words, limited range of words sometimes used inappropriately
Many words used inappropriately causing confusion
Grammar, Spelling, Writing Mechanics
Free or almost free of errors
Occasional errors but not a major distraction but no obscurity of meaning
Many errors reader sometimes distracted
Too many errors causing obscurity in meaning. Reader gives reading as a result
Use of References
Compelling, legitimate sources given to support assertions. Attribution is clear and fairly represented
Professional legitimate sources are generally present, for the most part attribution is clear and fairly represented
Although attributions are occasionally given, many statements seem biased and unsubstantiated. Reader is sometimes confused about source of information and ideas
References are seldom cited to support assertions
Quality of References
References are primarily peer reviewed professional journals or other appropriate sources
Although most references are professionally legitimate a few are questionable
Most of the references are from sources that not peer-reviewed and have uncertain reliability
Virtually no sources that are professionally reliable