Example of a well-written discussion post.
1. General thoughts. I really liked this paper because it opened my eyes to an
aspect of biology that I had never known before. Blah, blah, blah.
2. Comments from the related literature. Jones et al. (2020) reported similar
results and extended those from the assigned paper. Specifically, they showed
blah, blah, blah.
In Figure 3, the RNA-Seq analysis showed that genes A, B, and C were
upregulated under the conditions encountered by the bacteria in the
3. Literature cited.
(Primary) Jones, A.B., Smith, E.F., and Harvey, R.A. 2020. RNA-Seq analysis of
E. coli in the bloodstream. Infect. Immun. 21:306-320.
• If you complete part 1, you get 8 points.
• If you complete part 2 citing and discussing a primary research paper (not review)
along with an appropriately constructed literature cited, you get 9 points. If you cite
a review article, you get 8.5 points.
• If you cite the data from a table or figure of a primary research paper (not a review),
you get 10 points.
• If you fail to follow the instructions for posting a discussion, you lose 1 point for every
• If you submit your discussion one week late, you get half credit. After that, you get
no credit. Late homeworks are not penalized.
• If you plagiarize, you will get 0 points and you will be turned into the Dean of
Students. If you start by clicking Control-C (Copy),
you are already in trouble.