Final Project: Each student will select a contemporary social issue that they are interested in learning more about, for instance, welfare reform, homelessness, gangs, school violence, healthcare for the elderly, poverty, race, class. gender-to name a few. Students will conduct a web-quest on the topic gathering facts, trends and societal responses to the social issue. For the paper students will share: 1) facts, trends, and societal responses to the issue and 2) an explanation of the issue utilizing the four sociological theories discussed in class. The paper will begin with background information on the social issue, then incorporate sociological and theoretical explanation, and will end with a closing summary which must include your personal thoughts. References can include the text, videos and media reports but must include a minimum of four outside sources. A reference list of research conducted in APA style is required. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length. (This assignment will assist students in the fulfillment of course objectives #3, #5, and #6.)