For this assignment you will peer review an essay over the feminist & psycoanalytic approach in As I Lay Dying. My classmate’s paper is attached.
Read the essay in its entirety and then
jot down your first impressions or add comments in the margins. Then read the document additional times to develop your formal review. Using
the checklist provided below, suggest areas for revision, indicate where the argument could be strengthened, and state the strengths of the
paper. Also, make sure to check that all the critical elements are included.
Check list:
In the introduction of the essay, look for the following:
o There should be a cogent and cohesive overview of the theories and literature the student plans to analyze.
o There should be a clear statement of how the student will combine the literature and the theories to create an insightful
o An engaging and argumentative thesis should state what the essay seeks to prove. It should make an arguable claim about how
the chosen theories can be used to analyze or interpret the novel.
In the body of the essay, look for the following:
o There should be focused paragraphs that clearly express their intent and move logically from one to the other, building upon the
thesis argument as the essay progresses.
o The body paragraphs should make their arguments by combining theoretical interpretations with literary evidence.
o Ensure that each body paragraph is focused, presenting only one idea or major point to support the primary thesis.
o Check that each body paragraph centers upon the analysis of the novel through two theoretical lenses, avoiding summary,
reportage, and value judgments.
In the conclusion of the essay, look for the following:
o There should be a concise review of the argument. It should include a universal statement about the topic using the argument.
o The conclusion should articulate universal insights about literary analysis through multiple critical lenses. It should follow
logically from the arguments, referring to the literature and the theories.