For your final “Fossil Finds” project, you are to write a 5 -10 page paper, double spaced in 12-point font paper with one-inch margins that discusses an extinct (or extant) primate specimen (hominid preferred) that you have found in your work as a paleoanthropologist. I am asking you to pretend that you are someone like Dr. Leakey.
Basically, you are to make up your own species. It can be part of our line or even part of another primate line. Then give your species a Latin name and tell me about where you found it, how you found it, and what you have been able to discover about it using your professional paleoanthropologist knowledge.
This should include the geography of the find, what kinds of food it ate, how it moved about, and how you know these things.
So, for example- What was its morphology like? Was it big and robust in the skull area like the robust australopithecines or was it small and gracile like our friend Lucy was? Did it have sexual dimorphism? What might this tell you about its behavior? Was it diurnal? Nocturnal? Was it a leaf eater? Did it hunt? How do you know? Etc.
For any scientific claim, you use to describe your species like, “the heterodont teeth found in this new species indicate an omnivorous diet” you must use a peer-reviewed source to support it. I prefer that you use your own articles which you look up to support your comments, but it is also ok to use our text and our lectures. Just make sure to cite all that you use and please use APA formatting! I have posted a link to help you in case you do not know what that means.
Have some fun with this! Creativity is a plus here and drawings, representative photographs, charts, etc. are strongly encouraged. The page count stays the same with your pictures included- meaning you could have 3 and a half pages of text with a chart and a full-page picture to make up for your 5 pages. That said, you must have at least 3 1/2 pages of double-spaced text, please. It should be easy to write this much but if you are having difficulty, please don’t hesitate to ask me for help!