For your final paper, you must read Joe Mulhall’s Drums in the Distance and connect how the rise of the
far right is linked to globalization.
There must be integration of course material into what you write. In writing your essay, pay attention to
content, organization, style, and grammar. Your paper must have a bibliography.
Possible connections/links:
• explore the ways and manner in which it is globalized
who are the winners and losers from globalization
• does globalization positively or negatively impact democracy
• Neoliberalism – was it a good or bad change
• what is regionalization? What is the European Union?
• the ecological impact of the global economy
• globalization and gender, culture, inequality, democracy
• what is the relationship between globalization and imperialism?
• what has globalization’s impact been on workers
• how has globalization impacted different regions, countries or stat Pages: 7 please