For your final project, you will analyze a scenario and using the BCBA Code of Ethics and what you have learned in the Bailey and Burch text, develop a solution-based summary with research-based support.
You have a client, Mark, a 14-year-old student with Autism Spectrum Disorder who just started at ACE Special Education School. Mark currently has ABA services at home with a therapist who owns his own agency. The therapist has worked with Mark and his family for several years. Mom is very concerned about Mark’s transition to the new school and has asked the school for permission to have her home BCBA to provide service hours in the school setting. In addition, she has requested that her home BCBA attend all team meetings and IEP’s and all behavior treatment plans be approved by her home BCBA before implemented in the school setting. The school administrator has given permission for 4 hours per week of service from the home BCBA for a 6-week transition period, in addition to your services 2 hours per week. Once the 6-week transition period ends, you will continue with the services for Mark. Your services will continue in a supervisory role. Mark will have a 1:1 aide 6 hours per day to provide direct support.
Mark’s target behaviors that you would like to focus on are pinching and scratching staff and hitting other students. In fact, he actually targets specific students, calling them by name and then trying to hit them. Parents of these other students have called to complain and their districts have also called the school requesting that the Mark be removed from the classroom. You have tried to speak with mom about the history of these behaviors and mom refuses to speak with you; redirecting you to the home BCBA because “he knows him so well.” The school administrator has requested that Mark be moved into a quiet area temporarily so he doesn’t have access to other students. The home BCBA insists that he stay in the classroom because he needs to have “the opportunity to practice his skills” with the other students. In fact, the home BCBA would like to just continue the home program at school and wants everyone to implement the behavior change program that he created.
Using the BCBA Code of Ethics and what you have learned in the Bailey and Burch text create a solution-based summary with research-based support.
Papers must be at least 8 pages in length.
References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.