Hello, For this assignment I would like you to rewrite these two short essay que

Hello, For this assignment I would like you to
rewrite these two short essay questions.
The answers should be thoughtful.
I would like a rewrite because I feel that it’s
written poorly.That some of it is
repeating. poor choice of words. And it does not briefly answer both questions well.
Down below is what the assignment is about
Form a well-formed response for each
question And Again Zero outside
The response for each question should be
briefly explained and thoughtful
Question 1:
You are a developmental psychologist
working mainly with the adolescent
population. A mother of a teenage girl meets
with you concerned about her daughter’s
sexual development and what she should be
discussing with her. Advise this mother
about the concerns a parent should have
today; include discussion of new
technological dangers, social media, and
21st century sexual taboos. As a mental
health professional it is your role to discuss
with this parent what differences this
younger generation faces when compared to
those earlier.
Question 2:
The concept of being an adult has changed
dramatically in the last few generations.
Based off your readings and our classroom
discussions please explain what some of the
hallmarks of reaching adulthood are and how
they have changed in the last half century.
What does it mean to be an adult according
to society and what are some of the
perceived expectations?

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