I already have 9 pages and just need to add 4 more.
As announced in the previous classes, the final paper assignment would allow you to expand on your previous mid-term paper, covering a case study in Politics of Global Economy.
The expansion is meant to allow you to either write more on one country by including more economic and political perspectives, linking political decision-making with economic realities and vice-versa, economic realities on the political evolutions, or to expand from one country to two countries relations (a comparative analysis), or to a more complex relationship of groups of countries and international organizations (agan comparative and/or multifaceted analysis). In essence, as I mentioned above, you would be able to expand your mid-term papers to a more comprehensive final document.
As I asked you earlier, do focus on the material already studied in the class, comparative examples that helped us understand international economic realities and their political and IR applications, remember the check list I provided you, examples and analyses we did with you in class. Once again, I am expecting you to prove me that you know what we’ve studied, from class one to lessons learned from each example previously discussed. Remember, I told you to take notes for that reason.
The minimum number of pages in APA format (double spaced) is 12 pages and the structure should correspond to APA, with one exception – I do not insist on an Abstract, but I absolutely do insist on the Introduction, with a thesis statement.
I will provide you with a total maximum number of two (2) attempts to submit your paper – however, do take into account that the time between the 1st and 2nd attempt, if a 2nd attempt is needed, will be very limited. And since you were all warned in class to start writing from some time ago, the deadline for the first (and possibly final, if you write it well) is May 11, 11.59pm, as the University has to receive final grades in a certain very limited time-frame after the final exam. This is a time limitation by the University. The garde for this final paper will be the best grade out of two attempts, if two attempts will be made. If the grade is above 9 out of 10, I would strongly discourage resubmitting, due to the need to check many papers thoroughly, and limited time before I must submit the final grades.
A few very important remarks and pardon that I bold and red some of them, unfortunately I have to:
– use of other papers without quotation marks, even if you indicate the source, but just copy-paste the original text; excessive use of other papers without quotation marks, even if indicating the source; as well as self plagiarism (papers submitted to other professors or to this professor, but on another, unrelated topic and without permission in the case of this professor) – are all considered plagiarismand will have consequences for students. One needs to use quotation marks and one needs to avoid writing entire paras (in fat, more than two-three sentences) from such quotations.
– Please, also do not use dubious internet sources for your papers or include sources that have no relation to the paper. SafeAssign will absolutely flag them, it will flag other student’s papers (it did…) , and I will check if the sources are indeed valid. For this reason I presented all of you with a list of acceptable media resources (least biased media) and suggested the use of reputable think tanks, and Governmental reports, along standard books and peer reviewed journals – in brief, I allowed you to use more than a standard academia does, but this does not mean everything.
– once again, use the Adfontes media bias check to find the least biased media sources. I allow those to support your quantitative and qualitative analysis, but will contradict you if I find opposing views and you will have to incorporate explanations as to why you think the opposing views are invalid (so do it your selves)
– Reputable think tanks list – here is a list of Reputable think tanks by UPENN – see as of page 54: https://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1019&context=think_tanks
– use of APA formatting (link was provided earlier and it is found below)
– check your paper with SafeAssign BEFORE submitting, do not submit papers with enormously high percentages of similarity – it will be flagged by SafeAssign and I will have to report you to the faculty. Due to limited time, I will have to immediately implement these procedures and you will have to deal with the faculty, again, this can go to your record and worse.
– you must present concrete recommednations, not general thoughts about how IPE is a relevnt study… (see my instructions below)

Media bias
Reputable think tanks by UPENN – see as of page 54:
Purdue APA
A personal recommendation – CaNada College APA has a brief and good guide on APA
Paper format, as usual:
1. As we use APA formatting, you have to write a minimum 12-page double-spaced paper.
2. Pay attention to such graded elements as:
– your name and professor’s name, the course, university – on a separate cover page that is not a part of your content.
– grammar and punctuation.
– structure and clarity of writing/thought (reminder: do not use questions in your papers! use “we will examine if…” forms of presentation and remember that in your paper you are finding answers to those “questions”)
– use of appropriate quotations and citations. In the case of quotes use quotation marks, and present the citation APA style (see some guides below), then also make sure it can be found in References.
– knowledge of the material.
– analysis/conclusions – do not present formal, limited and obvious conclusions, go in depth with 5-6 concrete recommendations, like a plan of actions. That is a part of any report you will write anywhere you work, including policy papers etc.
– As you know, I grade out of 10, so 10 is the highest grade.
Once again, APA in-text citations rules are:
Authors cited (one author, two etc):
APA style student’s checklist: