I am suppose to pick one of my articles from my article review to write a newspa

I am suppose to pick one of my articles from my article review to write a newspaper or magazine article about it ( Article review will be posted in files). instructions for assignments can be found below.
Assignment 7: Newspaper or Magazine Article
Learning Objectives:
Analyze a variety of professional rhetorical situations and produce appropriate texts in response.
Understand the stages required to produce competent professional writing through planning, drafting, revising and editing.
Practice the ethical use of sources and the conventions of citation appropriate to each genre.
Write for intended readers of a text and design or adapt a texts to audiences who may differ in their familiarity with the subject matter.
Demonstrate competence in Standard Written English, including grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, coherence and document design (including the use of the visual) and use this knowledge to revise texts
Choose a magazine or newspaper for a general audience, NOT scientific experts, where you would like to publish your article. Find an article from the publication to use as an example. NOTE: News websites like CNN.com are NOT newspapers nor magazines and will not be appropriate.
Determine the audience for the publication – either through the publication website or media kit. Write a brief (3-4 sentence) analysis of your audience – what is their level of background knowledge on the topic? What is their level of education? Include the percentage of readers that have a B.S or higher. What are their values (why would they care about this topic, what is important about it to them)? You should be able to figure out what’s important to them by viewing the demographic information in the media kit- what are characteristics of the audience? Are they mostly, young, married, have children or are they over 50 or 60? What perspective or point of view might they have on this topic?
Choose one article from your search that you will report on. Use either an appeal to wonder or an appeal to application, and explain how you are using this appeal in your article. (Links to an external site.)
Write a 2 page (double spaced) article, with a title for your article. Remember from your reading, that a newspaper or magazine article starts with the “lead” – conclusion or findings of the study. It does not follow the format of an IMRAD journal article.
Use correct citation format for this genre, natural language – follow the example found in the article you have chosen as a sample from the newspaper or magazine. Make sure you have at least 1 graphic that is appropriate for your publication and audience that conveys an important concept.
So, for your final product, you will have
1) one page with a)the name of the newspaper or magazine, b)a link to an article from the newspaper or magazine you have chosen c) the audience analysis, d)the discussion of the appeal that you are using, and 4) the article. .
2) ) Upload your article that should be between about 500 words. Word will show the word count and you should put the word count at the end of your article.
3) Newspaper and magazine articles do not have bibliographies.

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