I put a link for the Case Study in here, but you must provide 2 or 3 sources from the book the Practice of Management by Peter Drucker and relate it to the case study. Below I have also provided the directions for the case study.
For this case study look to apply the 3 Dimensions of management as you answer the 3 questions below.
Remember you case analysis should be a critical review of the reading as well as showcase you ability to bring in concepts from the Drucker text.
Key Things to Remember
Grammar will be graded, APA citations (see below) must be included both in text and on the reference page- points will be deducted if there are errors
Just a summary of the reading and/or answering the questions below without tying in the Drucker concepts will result in points lost
Direct quotes should be used sparingly.
Review the word count requirement for case studies.
Case Guiding Questions
1. Design—climate and energy: How is JLL influencing the design of new and existing buildings to improve their energy and resource efficiency?. How is the company making a difference in the operation of existing buildings? How is it making the business case for clients to invest in green building practices for owned or leased space? What are some of the major challenges it faces in making improvements in this area? You also might like to take a look at the Empire State Building remodel project that is included in the case reading folder. What impact did JLL have on this project?
2. Marketing—community and supply chain: How does JLL provide for guidelines in its supply chain beyond its code of conduct? How is the company impacting communities around the world with its various procurement decisions or recommendations? Is there more it could do to influence its suppliers based on the other companies presented in this book?
3. Stewardship—global diversity: JLL appears to be a leader in diversity in its workforce. How does the company compare with other global companies? How has it set and achieved these goals? How does a more diverse workforce and leadership team improve stewardship responsibility for JLL?
APA Citation for Case Study:
Farver, S. (2019). 14. Sustainable Design at Jones Lang Lasalle. In Pathways to success case studies for mainstreaming corporate sustainability (pp. 111–118). essay, J. Ross Publishing.
For in text citations use (Farver, 2019)
For direct quotes use (Farver, 2019, pgs)