I wil give you the figures and pictures of the map we will use in this project,
Your report should be typed, including any figures and be in 11 point font and single spaced. It should contain exactly the following four sections:
Section One: Problem Description. Describe the problem to be solved in nontechnical language. Include your map from Project #2A (not the graph) and explain your theme. Remember, Bikes4Tourists wants to increase the usage of cycling among tourists–how will your proposal do that for a reasonable price?
Section Two: The Mathematical Model. In this section, describe the mathematical model. The model includes all the theories, ideas, techniques, definitions, theorems, and algorithms that will be used. Make sure that the connection between the problem to be solved and the mathematical structures and techniques are clear. You should discuss how you originally chose edges for the graph in Project #2A.
This section should include a general strategy for coming up with a solution. That is, what you plan to do, NOT the actual solution. Also include an explanation of how your solution will address the competing interests of stakeholders.
Include a computer-generated version of the graph you will use in your solution. This is the same graph that you drew in Project #2A.
Make sure you do not get overly detailed. It is more important for someone to understand your reasoning than for them to be bogged down in details.
Section Three: The Mathematical Solution. Show the details of how your solution was obtained from the mathematical model. That is, what you did and why you did it. Include a computer-generated subgraph that represents the bike lanes that will be included in your recommendation for Section Four. Make sure you calculate the cost of your proposed bike lanes.
Section Four: The Recommendation. Use your mathematical solution to recommend a course of action. This section is about translating the mathematical results into language that a non-mathematician would understand. The recommendation needs to be non-technical. Do not assume that Bikes4Tourists understand or want to learn graph theory. Include the map generated in Step Two of this project.