In Module One, you learned Mendel’s Laws of Segregation and
Independent Assortment. Mendel did not know that his hypothesized units
were genes or that the factors he referred to were alleles of
chromosomes. Later, Sutton and Boveri observed the importance in
chromosomes in meiosis and development of the organisms. We now know
that our genetic information is contained in our chromosomes and we
inherit variations of chromosomes from our parents during meiosis and
upon fertilization. We will discuss how meiosis supports Mendel’s
observations and his laws.
Read this short web page Genetics and Genomics Timeline (Links to an external site.). (2004). Consider how our understanding of mitosis and meiosis has evolved.
Do you think Mendel was the first person to consider inheritance?
What evidence suggests he was or was not the first?
Do you think today’s chromosomal observation techniques continue to support Mendel’s laws? Why or why not?