In this final essay I would like you to synthesize what you’ve learned, particularly in the second half of this course, by telling me the story of the northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) as it relates to the following terms and concepts:
genetics and genetic bottleneck
mating system and the costs and benefits of sex
sexual selection and sexual dimorphism
overexploitation and extinction
As you use each of these terms in your essay, please boldface that term so that the connection you are making is clear.
I will be grading your essay on how well it addresses each of these points, being a well-thought and written essay, the use of full sentences and correct grammar, boldfacing each of the above terms when used in your essay, and including appropriate citations. Please note TurnItIn plagiarism tool is active on this assignment, so be sure to use your own words!
This essay is worth 10 points of your course grade.
You may either type your essay directly into this assignment box or copy & paste from a doc into this assignment box.
I look forward to reading these!