INSTRUCTIONS This final research project requires you to submit a research paper based on the analysis of Zidrou & Beuchot’s Graphic Novels generally called the African Trilogy. You may choose to write on a single graphic novel, or on two, or on all three of the texts. This analysis should be of about 8 to 10 pages, not including Works Cited. This writing assignment must have at least 3 secondary resources
Zidrou & Beuchot forces us to contend with notions of identity, power, conflict, agency, memory, the innate power of storytelling, and the human condition in a world gone absolutely mad.
1. Choose 1 concept that you think he is trying to subvert or contest or critique.
2. Theorize what he is trying to accomplish through the texts and why.
3. Be sure to find at least 3 secondary resources that you think are invaluable in a discussion of his philosophy or any other subversions.