Leading in Literacy
Part 1: Integrating Technology and Literacy
Research supports the use of technology to strengthen literacy.
Use the questions to guide your responses.
How do you (or would you) integrate technology with literacy instruction? Share your best idea with your colleagues.
What other information or tools do you need to successfully integrate technology and literacy instruction? Ask your colleagues for input.
How can technology be leveraged to improve the literacy performance and achievement of diverse learners, particularly in the content areas?
Part 2: Internship Scenario Response
This course began with a leadership scenario designed to motivate your thinking about the role of the principal in guiding others to embrace research-based strategies and practices related to the strengthening of literacy in general and specifically in the content areas.
Include answers to the following in your response.
As a leader in an educational environment, how would you lead an initiative to strengthen literacy among diverse student populations?
How could you prepare to lead the initiative and serve as a role model for those you want to embrace the literacy initiative?
Why should an educational institution take an organizational-wide approach to literacy improvement for all students?
What obstacles would you anticipate for the literacy initiative, and how would you overcome them?