Literature Review (LR) guidelines
The LR will be completed using academic writing to review any content topic that is covered in your Saba & McCormick (2021) textbook which interests you & should include the following criteria:
· Title page – APA 7th edition formatted
· Running head to begin in page 2
· Introduction: The introduction defines the topic and sets the context for the literature review, including the author’s perspective or point of view on the topic, how they have defined the scope of the topic (including what’s not included), and how the review will be organized.
· Body (content) of LR: Organize the analysis of three (3) or more scholarly research articles into major topics and subtopics. These groupings may be by subject, (e.g., globalization of Nursing Informatics), type of research (e.g., case studies), methodology (e.g., qualitative), genre, chronology, or other common characteristics. Within these groups, the author can then discuss the merits of each article and provide analysis and comparison of the importance of each article to similar ones.
· Conclusion of the main findings. The conclusion makes clear how this review of the literature supports (or not) the research to follow, and may point the direction for further research. The conclusion can point out overall trends, conflicts in methodology or conclusions, and gaps in the research.
· Reference page: 3 or more references, APA 7th edition formatted.
Length of LR: 2-4 pages, not including Title & Reference pages.