The additional two sources to use for this essay: 1.
This will be a 5-6 page analysis that blends the implicit-material methods of the Short Story
Analysis with the explicit-material approach of the Argumentation essay. You will use The
Marrow Thieves as your primary source and focus your analysis around it. You will also bring
in two secondary sources. This needs to directly or indirectly analyze the theme or focus you
have taken on the story. The foundation will be the pattern you see in the novel, informed by
what other people see either in the novel itself or the topics the novel explores. Here is a starter
list of topics and approaches. Pick 1 of the listed approaches below.
 The Marrow Thieves details a near-genocidal attack on indigenous peoples. Explore how
that attack develops throughout the story. You can find one source that analyses the
history of Canadian (or American) policies of reservation or indigenous schools and one
that analyzes a related theme in the novel itself. You could also get two sources on
history, two on the story or whichever variation fits your needs.
 The novel branches off the William S. Burroughs quote in the epigram: “The way to kill
a man or a nation is to cut off his dreams, the way the whites are taking care of the
Indians: killing their dreams, their magic, their familiar spirits.” Use the central idea in
this quote to discuss the novel in one of two ways: 1) for its analysis of how racism
develops in the mining of indigenous dreams, or 2) for its less directly focuses question
of human dreams. Find two sources that analyze the importance of dreaming, either in the
novel, in indigenous writing or in general.
 A major concern in the novel is the destruction of climate change. Analyze how it
presents this existential threat coming to fruition. Find a source that analyzes the science
behind the novel. You can examine The Marrow Thieves as part of a tradition of Young
Adult (YA) fiction dealing with the horror of the future for people who are going to
suffer through it.
 The novel has a dystopia, in which the world order has collapsed into people who have
power and those who do not. Analyze how people survive. Find sources that analyze
dystopian futures as part of an indigenous focus or how people of color (POC) are
inordinately impacted by dystopic events.
 The novel’s characters form an alternative family. Examine how ad hoc family keeps
them going and alive, even when the nuclear family has been destroyed. Find sources that
analyze the importance of making a family out of non-related people.
 Pick some aspect of the novel’s scary material and analyze how it is already showing in
our world today. Find sources that talk about climate change, loss of territory or other
injustices in our current day.
 Find another theme or focus you see in the book, find two sources that overlap with it,
and go to town.