Needing the Theoretical Foundations to be two to 3 pages. Sources must be no more than 4 years old and must be national research articles not international. The Phenomena for the study is: The phenomenon of the proposed study is how high school principals describe the role of burnout and its influence on leadership styles during a pandemic. The
theory I am using is Adaptative Theory. Below is the rubric of what’s needed.
Theoretical Foundations
(Typically two or three pages)
The learner discusses the theoretical foundation and, where appropriate, the extended conceptual framework that undergird and frame the study.
The learner identifies theory(ies), model(s), and/or concept(s) from seminal source(s) that provide the theoretical foundation to use in developing the research questions, identifying phenomena, and describing the sources of data.
The learner cites the appropriate seminal source(s) for each theory, model, or concept.
The learner includes a cogent discussion/synthesis of the theories, models and concepts, and justifies the theoretical foundation/framework as relevant to the problem statement for the study. The learner connects the study directly to the theory and describes how the study adds or extends the theory, model, or concept.
The learner’s discussion reflects understanding of the foundational and historical research relevant to the theoretical foundation.
The learner writes this section in a way that is well structured, has a logical flow, uses correct paragraph structure, sentence structure, punctuation, and APA format.