Overcoming Biases
Refer to the media piece from this unit’s Studies, Ethics Scenario: Recognizing and Overcoming Biases, linked in Resources.
Andy is not welcome at the wedding of Jennifer’s religious cousin. Shannon helps the couple talk through their feelings.
For this discussion’s initial post, address the following:
It there an ethical dilemma in discussing religious beliefs? How does Shannon handle her own biases?
What steps need to be taken when a client’s beliefs or values run contrary to the therapist’s?
What does the AAMFT Code of Ethics say about recognizing and overcoming biases?
Justify your positions with support from the unit readings, the ethical code, and other relevant resources. Cite your references in current APA style and format.
Attached is the transcript scenario. Here is the link to the AAMFT Code of ethics. https://www.aamft.org/Legal_Ethics/Code_of_Ethics.aspx